1. Concept

The DentalSlice software is a tool for planning preoperative dental implants, developed to offer surgical prosthetics assistance with high level of precision and to increase the safety margin of the treatment.

The program was designed to run in personal computers and WINDOWS setting. Such configuration makes the program accessible to any surgeon and allows the planning to be done by the team who is performing the surgery

The software is based on the free concept, i.e., the downloadable version is completely functional and it can be installed with no additional cost to the surgeon.

In order to obtain an exam and work on DentalSlice, it is just necessary to request a computed tomography in one of the BioParts’ accredited radiological centers, where the CTs will be converted into the DentalSlice environment, creating a new file which will be sent to the surgeon.

Dental slice
2. Conversion

A working project created through DentalSlice can be created from a set of axial tomographic images of the patient.

For the full tutorial in video

  • 2.1 Firstly, the axial tomographic images of the patient should be taken.

  • 2.2 After the images are taken, we do the procedure of importing the original images from the tomograph and its transformation into a virtual environment of planning implants. This procedure is called “conversion”.

  • 3.3 DentalSlice will reformat these axial images enabling the visualization of the cross sectional, panoramic ones and a window with tridimensional objects.


3. Planning

With DICOMS converted into a DentalSlice file, implantodontist can plan the height, angle and position of the implants accurately. Implants can be inserted through the windows of the tomographic images, observing the positions in three-dimensional window.

The virtual planning offers numerous advantages such as predictability, precision, communication with the patient, communication between the surgical team, among others.

4. Guide Request

From the DentalSlice planning, the surgical guide can be requested along the BioParts. The guide is prototyped based on the planning, enabling the insertion of the implants with its angles and depths predicted on the planning.

The surgical guide can be requested on the menu through the DentalSlice link. The guides will be sent due 24 hours after the file was received.

Dental slice
5. Guided Surgery

In the surgical technique named “guided surgery” or “flapless surgery”, the surgical guide is used on the patient’s mucosa, in a way that the only incisions are made where the planned implants were inserted.

The BioParts/DentalSlice produces surgical guides for any implanting system. On that case, the surgeon uses the drill kits of their own implant companies, for instance, the Raptor 4.1 kit.